I’ve had the great fortune of working with so many extraordinary people over the years. I’m honored by their comments and hope to have the opportunity to do some great things for you. -ab

Morris R. Levitt, Ph.D.

“Alan Bergstein is a terrific senior media executive with extensive experience in the high-tech, life science and health care markets. He did a great job working with me as a leader and innovator in sales, marketing and product development, especially in the electronic/ Internet space. I was impressed by his ability to develop a wide array of products and sales methods, which attracted many new customers and ultimately translated into profitable revenues.”

— Morris R. Levitt, Ph.D., Managing Director, Life Sciences Practice, Desilva + Phillips, LLC

Former Executive VP and COO, Advanced Technology Division, PennWell; Executive VP and COO; Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Science Division, Advanstar; Founder, President and CEO, Bio-IT World, an IDG company; Director, BPA International

Sarah Fay, President, Isobar

“I’ve known Alan Bergstein for close to 15 years. He has been a leader at both CMP and IDG over that time period and has launched new properties and led efforts to help his companies increase Web presence and revenues. Alan is one of the best in the technology publishing business.”

-Sarah Fay, President, Isobar

Evilee Ebb, CEO and Publisher, Network World, Inc.

“I loved the packages that he put together on all price points, as well as the fact that his team literally called everyone with a pulse in the last 30 days to generate interest and business. I nearly fainted when I saw his call report lists in the ORB [board meeting]. I’m glad he came to IDG, and IDG is better as a company for having him here.”

— Evilee Ebb, CEO and Publisher, Network World, Inc. (currently GM Consumer Media,

Pat McGovern, Chairman and Founder, International Data Group

“He is a remarkably talented individual. He has outstanding leadership skills and a great work ethic! Please feel free to put me down as a professional reference if you wish. I am an enthusiastic member of the Alan Bergstein fan club!”

— Pat McGovern, Chairman and Founder, International Data Group

Bill Purdin Legend Inc.

“Alan Bergstein is one of the best resources on Internet marketing, new technology, sales strategies, and online communications that I have ever encountered. I have known Alan for 25 years and have admired his ability to stay on the cutting edge, to master new technologies, introduce them to his customers in easy-to-understand language with practical and interesting implementation strategies. He is a master communicator.

Alan’s commitment to quality relationships and to always being available makes my association with him highly valuable and irreplaceable. He is an asset to our company and has helped us win accounts and to keep current accounts in the face of rising competition in a very aggressive environment. He is a team player who adds amazing value to any role his is assigned. His basic nature is to want to help and he leads by example. He brings a high productiveness and a genuine ability to build consensus to every business environment, large or small

There is no higher recommendation I can give Alan Bergstein than to say he is a trusted, valued, and consistent partner in our company’s endeavors. He is a true professional.”

-Bill Purdin, President, Legend, Inc.

Steven Biondolillo, Biondolillo Associates

“I have been affiliated with Alan Bergstein in business for 30 years, during which he has proven to be an all-around MVP–as a business strategist, creative force, superb marketer, “can-do” team player and dynamic leader. Moreover, I count Alan among the most reliable individuals that I’ve worked with, as well as among the most genuinely caring. A consummate pro and a winner!


-Steven Biondolillo, Founder and President, Biondolillo Associates

Cary Benjamin, TR Productions

Cary Benjamin TR Productions“I have had the pleasure of working with Alan Bergstein in a variety of situations. Each experience has been extremely positive. Alan embraces new technology and has a very quick grasp of software / hardware and their respective capabilities. He creatively links cutting-edge technology with business needs, and creates an environment of change and productivity.

As a client, Alan collaborated with us on marketing programs that incorporated webcasting, lead generation and database management. Alan always rolled up his sleeves and worked as a true partner, with a cheerful attitude and always in a collegial manner.

Alan has also provided consulting services to our business, in the areas of web development, and computer hardware / software procurement. Every conversation with Alan always leads to new discoveries for our company. “You have to check this out” — is what he says to us all the time… and we do– and we are always better for it. Thanks Alan!”

-Cary Benjamin, Owner and Creative Director, TR Productions

Jeff Edman, President and CEO PC World Communications

“I’ve known him almost 20 years and can tell you he’s a real good guy and a very effective salesman and sales manager.”

— Jeff Edman, President and CEO PC World Communications

Eliot Weinman, President, Events & Publishing Division, Yankee Group

“I have worked with Alan on several major collaborative media partnerships over the the past several years. I have been impressed by Alan’s overall leadership abilities including his deep industry knowledge of publishing, his ability to lead teams and top efforts to create win-win and long lasting business relationships. I strongly recommend Alan.”

-Eliot Weinman, President, Events & Publishing Division, Yankee Group


“Alan Bergstein is one of those rare individuals who is both extremely technologically savvy and highly communicative in person and on the web. Alan was the mastermind behind my website He consistently kept me focused on the most critical goals and tasks that needed to be accomplished. Alan truly gets what it takes to create and develop a brand. He is visionary, but does not neglect the details required to bring vision into reality. Alan is warm, caring and inspirational.”

-DrRKG  Randy Kamen-Gredinger, Ed.D., Psychologist/Educator/Speaker/Coach

Cris Goldsmith

“Alan was instrumental in helping us translate our business vision into a successful online retail business. His ability to work with us at both the strategic and tactical level enabled us to circumvent many of the problems we would have otherwise encountered working with online media. His marketing input was excellent. He was also someone we could could trust for his sound judgment, creative input and online expertise. He was a pleasure to work with.”

-Cris Goldsmith, President at Innovation Resources, owner of

Tim L. Tobeck Vice President & Publishing Director Vance Publishing Corporation

“Alan worked with me at Energy Central as Vice President of Digital Media. My role as Senior VP was to manage all products: print, digital, events and research for the Marketing Service Group. Alan is extremely knowledgable about the most current and most effective digital trends….what’s working and what is hype. He also has an affinity for customers. He understands them, asks the right questions and delivers what they are looking for….in my book, that means he delivered what we needed to move forward with our digital offerings. Alan demonstrated expertise in developing both websites and newsletters and was moving us rapidly toward a successful launch of virtual events. I have worked with great technical people, good managers and great sales people. Alan is one of the rare professionals that brings all these attributes together.
I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a senior staff member or outside consultant to drive your digital product development.

Tim L. Tobeck, Vice President & Publishing Director, Vance Publishing Corporation

Former Sr. VP Sales, Publisher EnergyBiz div. Energy Central

Alexsandra Lemke, RCR Wireless Crain Communications

“Alan offers an outstanding blend of strategic thinking and execution and he is someone who is quickly able to translate a high level opportunity into actionable plans. He is able to envision and leverage trends and can rapidly mobilize an organization. I found Alan to be a patient teacher, a creative problem-solver, an insightful customer advocate, a consummate team player, and a burgeoning leader. While he took his work very seriously, he approached it with an unquenchable sense of humor that broke down barriers and cemented collaboration. He’s driven and focused and consistently gets the job done!”

-Alexsandra Lemke, RCR Wireless, Crain Communications

Christopher Lynch, Vice President for Publishing, The New England Journal of Medicine, Massachusetts Medical Society

“Alan Bergstein provided the New England Journal of Medicine with a professional, in-depth analysis of a potential growth-market opportunity. He was thorough in scope, attentive to our questions and concerns, and creative yet practical in his recommendations, which will enable our organization to make more educated decisions on a shorter timetable than if we had been able to do this ourselves.”

— Christopher Lynch, Vice President for Publishing,
The New England Journal of Medicine, Massachusetts Medical Society

Gwyn Thakur, President Effective Marketing

“Alan Bergstein has always been on the leading edge when it comes to trends in the industry. He is smart, technical, personable, professional and supportive. I have tremendous respect for Alan; his hand is always on the pulse of what is happening, and he is willing to work with you to achieve the best outcome for the customer.”

— Gwyn Thakur, President, Effective Marketing

Tracy Ford, Associate Publisher/Editor, RCR Wireless News

“Under Alan’s tenure, RCR Wireless News and moved from a culture with primarily a print-focus to a fast-paced publish to the web mentality while building a large portfolio of e-media products & strategic relationships to better serve our readers and advertiser(s), which was useful in getting us high-level exposure with executive-level meetings.”

-Tracy Ford, Associate Publisher/Editor, RCR Wireless News, Crain Communications

Adam Marder, CFO, CMP Media; former President, CMP Business Technology Group

“Alan is a leader. As a role model, he is inspirational to his people. He is a true believer in teamwork and has a strong sense of always wanting to exceed expectations. It’s important to the success of the Business Technology Group to have Alan as part of the team.”

—Adam Marder, CFO, CMP Media; former President, CMP Business Technology Group

Capel States The New York Times

“Having done start-ups with Alan on two occasions I can honestly say he is one of the most creative yet strategic publishing executives I have known. With all the changes in the publishing industry, he is the kind of executive you want on your team as he “gets it.” He understands how to make the brave new world of media pay. And he is a leader, not simply a manager. Someone who is inspiring to all who know him. I’ve known and worked for Alan on and off for 15 years and found him to be an open and honest collaborator, effective sales manager and creative publication executive. We did a lot of great work for clients together. He’s a good motivational guy and gives you the tools you need to do your job.”

— Capel States, The New York Times

Justin Neville-Rolfe, Client Experience Director, Yankee Group

“Alan was extremely easy to work with, with great ideas and an ability to execute. The partnership was a great success because of it.”

-Justin Neville-Rolfe, Client Experience Director, Yankee Group

Patricia H Grady, COO Vicon Publishing Inc.

“He was articulate, smart and to the point. Alan Bergstein did for my group in two hours what I’ve been trying to get done for two years.”

— Patricia H Grady, COO, Vicon Publishing Inc.

Jim Hannan, CEO and Group Publisher Engel Publishing Partners

“Alan, your research was very well received. It provided an important perspective on the competitive landscape and was instrumental in our decision-making.”

— Jim Hannan, CEO and Group Publisher, Engel Publishing Partners


Thanks very much for this and for the work you did for the Engels. Much appreciated.”

— Chris Brown, President and CEO, Institutional Investor (parent company of Engel Publishing Partners)

David Kaye, Interactive Media Manager – RCR Wireless News, Crain Communications

“Alan is a hard worker that seeks out the best in staff. He has a great eye for detail and is incredible at seeking business leads and opportunities. His experience and guidance would benefit any organization needing creative ideas and leadership. It was a pleasure to work with Alan.

-David Kaye, Interactive Media Manager – RCR Wireless News, Crain Communications

Kelly Haley (Klagges), Director of Finance, Bio-IT World

“As President of my former employer, Alan was an integral force behind the growth and depth of the company. His unceasing efforts and drive to build, grow, and create new products made Bio-IT World a unique and trusted brand in life sciences. I would hope to work with him again some day.”

-Kelly Haley (Klagges), Director of Finance, Bio-IT World

Mike Blau, General Manager, CMP Media

“Worked with Alan at CMP Media for about 5 years. At CMP Alan had a wonderful ability to collaborate with others, succeed through a multitude of company and market changes (which there were many), and always stay focused on driving revenues. Was a key figure in the devlopement and managment of the sales structure. Also was keen to the financial impacts of sales decisions. Alan was also a key figure in the development and implementation of sales and contact tracking systems across the division. Would recommend Alan in a heartbeat!”

-Mike Blau, General Manager, CMP Media