Bill Purdin Legend Inc.

“Alan Bergstein is one of the best resources on Internet marketing, new technology, sales strategies, and online communications that I have ever encountered. I have known Alan for 25 years and have admired his ability to stay on the cutting edge, to master new technologies, introduce them to his customers in easy-to-understand language with practical and interesting implementation strategies. He is a master communicator.

Alan’s commitment to quality relationships and to always being available makes my association with him highly valuable and irreplaceable. He is an asset to our company and has helped us win accounts and to keep current accounts in the face of rising competition in a very aggressive environment. He is a team player who adds amazing value to any role his is assigned. His basic nature is to want to help and he leads by example. He brings a high productiveness and a genuine ability to build consensus to every business environment, large or small

There is no higher recommendation I can give Alan Bergstein than to say he is a trusted, valued, and consistent partner in our company’s endeavors. He is a true professional.”

-Bill Purdin, President, Legend, Inc.