CEOs are so busy today – forced to react to the callings of their immediate business challenges – that it’s rare to have the benefit of someone working for them who can not only strategize the big ideas, but also sweat the details of how they are put into play. Many publishers and media organizations first seek out a new or modified strategy. And then, maybe because it’s often the more daunting aspect, they consider the plan of how to turn the strategy into successful actions.

Business Planning

From white-board brainstorming to assessment of market feasibility to an exquisitely crafted budget planned down to the last detail and clear justification for a return on investment.more>

Online Strategy

A comprehensive online strategy that considers all sorts of meaningful e-initiatives, and will scale across web, mobile and tablet devices, as your opportunities expand.more>

New Revenue Generation

Effectively leverage sales models that range from small groups of individual contributors to large organizations with complex layers of staff, alliances, partnerships and ad networks.more>

Strategic Positioning

A comprehensive mapping of the competitive landscape in a changing environment, and clear understanding of the unique position, benefits and selling points of each offer and brand. What needs to happen to produce best-in-class products and services.more>

Marketing & Communications

Increase customer engagement through effective marcom materials, ads, sales tools, presentations and a persuasive sales force armed with factual analysis of data and results from syndicated studies; Impact apperception of brands in an integrated portfolio of "uber" and sub-brands.more>

Social Networking

Leveraging the relationships that your customers have established through internet and other electronic channels. Success in engagements and buzz will come from a tight integration of efficient and effective tools and techniques under a comprehensive social media strategy.more>

Market and Ad Research

Understanding your targets, how to build your customer base and loyalty through factual analysis of primary and secondary data, and creating a better customer experience with communications that simply work better.more>

Resource Deployment

Developing and deploying a world-class organization begins with a vision and an establishment of an environmental framework for passion and excellence.more>

Product Development

Content creation and testing to packaging to audience engagement and lead generation, all wrapped up in enticing bundles, integrated pricing programs and market introduction tactics.more>

Technology Integration

If it's not making you money, it sure better be saving you money. Efficient use of new technology for Internet and digital publishing, editorial workflow, search engine optimization, audience database, advertising operations, web analytics, user experience, demand generation, forecasting and communicating.more>

Buried Treasures

Dig up more customers and revenue by first Identifying and then celebrating all of the extraordinary "best practices" within your current organization, while learning how to apply excellent practices known to work elsewhere. more>

“I help publishing executives so that they can continue to drive forward even when business conditions too often demand their full day-to-day focus. That’s where I’ve always pleasantly surprised the people I’ve worked with…by actually rolling up my sleeves and getting things done for them.”