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Marketing & Communications

Increase customer engagement through effective marcom materials, ads, sales tools, presentations and a persuasive sales force armed with factual analysis of data and results from syndicated studies; Impact apperception of multi-channel brands in an integrated portfolio of “uber” and sub-brands.

  • Communications: Advertising and Publicity
  • Messaging: What to say, How to Say It and Whom to Say It To
  • Branding: How YOU are Perceived by YOUR Customers
  • Brand Management:  Protecting Your Corporate Assets
  • Using Syndicated Studies to Sell
  • Cross-Platform Campaigns
  • Collateral: Creation, Version Control and Distribution
  • Display Ads that Command Attention and Action
  • Search and PPC/PPA Advertising
  • Direct Response – Creative and Distribution Channels
  • Personalized and Customized Marketing
  • Testing the Message, the Channel, the Timing, the Offer
  • Media Kits, Press Kits, Investor Kits, Channel Sales Kits
  • Editorial Calendars that Sell
  • Sales Tools, Competitive “Kill” Kits
  • Channel and Affiliate Support
  • Face-to-Face Activities
  • Video Communications
  • Market Presentations
  • Media “Tell-All” Presentations