Tim L. Tobeck Vice President & Publishing Director Vance Publishing Corporation

“Alan worked with me at Energy Central as Vice President of Digital Media. My role as Senior VP was to manage all products: print, digital, events and research for the Marketing Service Group. Alan is extremely knowledgable about the most current and most effective digital trends….what’s working and what is hype. He also has an affinity for customers. He understands them, asks the right questions and delivers what they are looking for….in my book, that means he delivered what we needed to move forward with our digital offerings. Alan demonstrated expertise in developing both websites and newsletters and was moving us rapidly toward a successful launch of virtual events. I have worked with great technical people, good managers and great sales people. Alan is one of the rare professionals that brings all these attributes together.
I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a senior staff member or outside consultant to drive your digital product development.

Tim L. Tobeck, Vice President & Publishing Director, Vance Publishing Corporation

Former Sr. VP Sales, Publisher EnergyBiz div. Energy Central