Content is and always will be King

It’s not a stretch from talking about Bing to talking about how content is king. In the old publishing world, editors and reporters and some occasional expert guest columnist would be the sole source of your news. Today, content is still king, but it’s ever more likely you’ll be exposed to the flavor of user-generated content, with a premium on “citizen journalism.” You’ve got to spend two bucks and download the new CNN iPhone app right away (of course, you might have to spend two hundred bucks for the phone itself). Not only is it really the best news app on any mobile platform, elegantly done and packed with ways to personalize the experience. But they’ve incorporated one the Web publishing phenomenons that I spent some time researching in the past few years – the impact of citizen journalism on how we gather the news. Yes, right there on the main dock is an “i” icon – standing for the “I report” and making it incredibly easy for CNN viewers to send up their own reports and photos and videos of what’s happening right now. Wow! Talk about a way to be first with breaking news.