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Focused on Driving Revenues

“Worked with Alan at CMP Media for about 5 years. At CMP Alan had a wonderful ability to collaborate with others, succeed through a multitude of company and market changes (which there were many), and always stay focused on driving revenues. Was a key figure in the devlopement and managment of the sales structure. Also was keen to the financial impacts of sales decisions. Alan was also a key figure in the development and implementation of sales and contact tracking systems across the division. Would recommend Alan in a heartbeat!”

-Mike Blau, General Manager, CMP Media

Unceasing Efforts Created a Trusted Brand

“As President of my former employer, Alan was an integral force behind the growth and depth of the company. His unceasing efforts and drive to build, grow, and create new products made Bio-IT World a unique and trusted brand in life sciences. I would hope to work with him again some day.”

-Kelly Haley (Klagges), Director of Finance, Bio-IT World

Great Eye for Detail

“Alan is a hard worker that seeks out the best in staff. He has a great eye for detail and is incredible at seeking business leads and opportunities. His experience and guidance would benefit any organization needing creative ideas and leadership. It was a pleasure to work with Alan.

-David Kaye, Interactive Media Manager – RCR Wireless News, Crain Communications

Accurate and On Target

“Alan, your research was very well received. It provided an important perspective on the competitive landscape and was instrumental in our decision-making.”

— Jim Hannan, CEO and Group Publisher, Engel Publishing Partners


Thanks very much for this and for the work you did for the Engels. Much appreciated.”

— Chris Brown, President and CEO, Institutional Investor (parent company of Engel Publishing Partners)


“He was articulate, smart and to the point. Alan Bergstein did for my group in two hours what I’ve been trying to get done for two years.”

— Patricia H Grady, COO, Vicon Publishing Inc.

Easy To Partner With

“Alan was extremely easy to work with, with great ideas and an ability to execute. The partnership was a great success because of it.”

-Justin Neville-Rolfe, Client Experience Director, Yankee Group

Open and Honest Collaborator

“Having done start-ups with Alan on two occasions I can honestly say he is one of the most creative yet strategic publishing executives I have known. With all the changes in the publishing industry, he is the kind of executive you want on your team as he “gets it.” He understands how to make the brave new world of media pay. And he is a leader, not simply a manager. Someone who is inspiring to all who know him. I’ve known and worked for Alan on and off for 15 years and found him to be an open and honest collaborator, effective sales manager and creative publication executive. We did a lot of great work for clients together. He’s a good motivational guy and gives you the tools you need to do your job.”

— Capel States, The New York Times

Team Builder

“Alan is a leader. As a role model, he is inspirational to his people. He is a true believer in teamwork and has a strong sense of always wanting to exceed expectations. It’s important to the success of the Business Technology Group to have Alan as part of the team.”

—Adam Marder, CFO, CMP Media; former President, CMP Business Technology Group

Transformed the Culture

“Under Alan’s tenure, RCR Wireless News and moved from a culture with primarily a print-focus to a fast-paced publish to the web mentality while building a large portfolio of e-media products & strategic relationships to better serve our readers and advertiser(s), which was useful in getting us high-level exposure with executive-level meetings.”

-Tracy Ford, Associate Publisher/Editor, RCR Wireless News, Crain Communications

Market Savvy

“Alan Bergstein has always been on the leading edge when it comes to trends in the industry. He is smart, technical, personable, professional and supportive. I have tremendous respect for Alan; his hand is always on the pulse of what is happening, and he is willing to work with you to achieve the best outcome for the customer.”

— Gwyn Thakur, President, Effective Marketing

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